Corporate Nutrition Services

Nutrition and Movement: the missing piece of the corporate puzzle

The best performing workplaces are those that understand the importance of good nutrition and movement, providing employees with the tools to maximise their potential.

An expert in corporate nutrition, having worked in the corporate filed herself, Marina works with corporate partners around Melbourne offering nutrition seminars and presentations, cooking demos, group fitness workshops, nutrition consultancy services and individual employee consultations.

Corporate Services Offered By Marina
  • Seminars–  presentations on nutrition topics to your corporate environment.

  • Workshops  – demonstrations on a variety of topics can be delivered to employees in your workplace.

  • Individual consultations – one on one consultations to provide them with tailored education and advice to improve their health.

  • Resource and publication development – recipe development, factsheets, booklet resource or menus for a wide range of audiences.

  • Newsletters and articles – regular article features for newsletters, newspapers, e-newsletters, websites and magazines can be developed on all things food, movement, nutrition and health.

  • Events – add a wellness aspect to your calendar through speaking events 

Why Should You Care About Your Employees Nutrition?

In recent years, there has been an increased concern about the declining health of Australian workers. Chronic disease is at an all time high. The best defence is through lifestyle prevention. Investing in your employees health and wellbeing is a return on investment with employees feeling inspired, championing their efforts to motivate other team members, enhancing the work culture and adds a little fun to the workplace!