Corporate Nutrition Services

Marina’s Corporate Nutrition can help your company and employees be at their best. We offer nutrition seminars and presentations, workshops, nutrition consultancy services and individual employees consultations.

Nutrition is essential for good health and we all know good health is important for a productive and efficient work place. She can provide nutrition advice and education for your company and employees. Whether you are after nutrition and health advice for your employees or business.

Corporate Services Offered By Marina

  • Seminars –  presentations on relevant nutrition topics to your corporate environment.
  • Workshops and displays – trade stalls or demonstrations on a variety of topics can be delivered to employees in your workplace.
  • Individual consultations – we can provide employees with one on one consultations to provide them with education and advice to improve their health.
  • Resource and publication development – we can develop recipes, factsheets, booklet resources, or menus for a wide range of audiences
  • Newsletters and articles – articles for newsletters, newspapers, e-newsletters, websites and magazines can be developed on all things food, nutrition and health!

HowMarina Differs From Others

Why Should You Care About Your Employees Nutrition?

In recent years, there has been an increased concern about the declining health of our workers. Results released from the Victorian Government WorkHealth check on 200 000 employees in November 2010 show some disturbing statistics about the health of Victorian employees¹:

  • 15.6% of workers had an increased risk of developing both Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • 25.5% had a waist circumference measurement which indicated a greatly increased risk of cardiovascular disease or Type 2 diabetes
  • 25% had high cholesterol levels (>5.5 mmol/L)
  • 42.6% of workers had an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes while an further 23.5% were at high risk
  • 70.3% of employees reported inadequate levels of physical activity (<30 mins daily)
  • 18% were smokers
  • 93.1% of workers reported eating less than the daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables

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